Meet Mudit Jain, MD

Meet Kirti Jain, RD


Dr. Mudit Jain founded the Diabetes & Thyroid Care Center of Excellence in 1999. He has devoted himself to the care of patients with diabetes, thyroid and other endocrine disorders and is recognized as a leading endocrinologist in Broward County. With the addition of a full-time dietitian, the development of an ADA-recognized Diabetes Self Education program, the added support of a physician assistant, and his ECNU certification, we are set up to provide the best care for our patients

ADA Certification

Unlike many diseases, diabetes affects the whole life of an individual and requires a multifaceted approach to its management.
Appropriate and effective treatment provided early on by a specialist, along with proper patient education and regular follow-up, can ensure a healthy and fulfilling life free of the potentially crippling complications of diabetes. Even if complications have set in, proper management can prevent or delay their progression, promoting longevity and quality of life.

Superior Diabetes Management: Every diabetic is unique with his/her own pathophysiology and social setting. We at DTCC recognize and respect the individuality of each patient, which enables us to offer more effective and personalized care.

Insulin Pump Therapy: We offer and support the use of insulin pumps in appropriate patients. Dr. Jain has many years of experience in managing patients on insulin pumps and uses the latest in insulin pump technology.

Education is the key to diabetes management. Dr. Jain and his dietitian are both Certified Diabetes Educators (C.D.E.).
Important areas emphasized are:
● Dietary counseling that is practical and tailored to patients’ lifestyle and capacity
● Glucose monitoring, goals of control, management of hypoglycemia
● Insight into how diabetes medications work and time-action profile of insulins
● Role of physical activity, exercise & weight loss
Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM): Products like Dexcom and Libre CGMs are revolutionizing diabetes care. We prescribe them for our patients as insurance coverage and affordability permits. CGMs not only help patients forego frequent fingersticks but also give patients necessary insights for insulin dose adjustment.

ECNU certification

Dr. Jain has received the distinction of being ECNU certified. The Endocrine Certification in Neck Ultrasound is awarded by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology to recognize individuals who have met the highest standards of knowledge and competency in performing neck ultrasounds and ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsies for the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid and parathyroid disorders. Our patients get their thyroid ultrasounds and biopsies conducted by the trusted hands of their endocrinologist and do not have to go to another provider for these procedures.

Full Time Registered Dietitian on Site

Our full-time Registered Dietitian (RD) and Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) provides in-house guidance to our patients for meal planning, carbohydrate counting, and lifestyle modifications. She provides individual and group sessions and works closely with Dr. Jain to help manage patients’ diabetes and reach their health care goals.

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